Thursday, 29 September 2011

MSN NEWS: UK 'Officially Bottom Of The Pile'

The UK is the worst place to live in Europe, with people getting a "raw deal" on quality of life and high cost of living, a study has revealed.

Comparison website uSwitch said that things were getting so bad that one in 10 people in this country were considering emigrating.

France and Spain came out on top of its Quality of Life Index, with the UK bottom of a 10-country league table, covering working hours, VAT, holidays, spending on health and education - and hours of sunshine.

The UK also came bottom of another table based on the cost of energy, petrol, food, alcohol, cigarettes, and life expectancy.

Households in the UK struggled with a high cost of living, with food and diesel prices the highest in Europe, while unleaded petrol, alcohol and cigarettes all cost more than the European average, said the report.

People in the UK now have the lowest holiday entitlement in Europe as well as having one of the highest retirement ages, the study found.

A survey of over 2,000 adults found their biggest concern was "broken society", as well as the cost of living, crime and violence, while some 5% said they were happy with the UK, with over one in 10 "seriously considering" emigrating.

France topped the index for the third year in a row, despite the average household annual net income being £7,000 below that of the UK.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: "Last year at least our neighbours in Ireland were worse off, now we can't even console ourselves with that. We are now officially at the bottom of the pile.

"We may still be enjoying the fourth highest household income in Europe, but the high cost of living means that we're living to work."


My dictionary tells me that to risk is "to expose oneself to the chance of loss." I suppose that is true. Another piece of literature I was once given (author unknown) suggests that:

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams, before a crowd is to risk their loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try is to risk failure.

You may avoid suffering and sorrow if you don't risk, but you simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live. The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, does nothing and has nothing. Only a person who risks is free.

What causes individuals to shy away from taking a risk, even if it is a low risk and will give them something they really want? Well, certainly high on most people's list would be fear of loss, failure and perceived humiliation if the loss were to occur. Why would we automatically think that we would fail at something? Why wouldn't we first try and see, and then if we did fail, learn from that experience and move on? What causes us to have these thoughts of inferiority?

Well, I believe it dates back to our little life. And, since risk-taking, to my knowledge, is not a subject that is taught in school, it would lead me to believe that a person's fear of taking risks might stem back from before they can even remember. When you were a child taking your very first steps, it wasn't uncommon to hear one of your parents or guardians say, "Be careful, you might fall." Or, "Don't do that, you'll ...." Though some of this is rhetoric and you don't really pay much attention to it, for some, it begins the pattern of playing it safe.

Think of how much better equipped we would be to face life's challenges and succeed, if we had repetitively heard, "Take a chance and don't worry about falling, because you're going to fall...probably quite often. Falling is an important part of learning." Many of the greatest lessons you'll receive in life are going to come from falling ... from your failures.

Failing will never make you a failure unless you quit. Unfortunately, very few people heard that when they were small. The vast majority of our population have been mentally programmed to play it safe.

In my seminars I have often said that a little baby is a natural born risk taker. The baby never considers the consequences of falling when it is learning to walk. Falling is acknowledged as a natural consequence to learning to walk. I guess you could call it a calculated gamble; it's a prerequisite to mastering a myriad of motor skills required to get you on your feet and moving. It's a natural progression in movement. Why then, wouldn't we stop to consider that any movement into unchartered territory should be viewed with the same consideration? What happens to us?

Why is it that we do not see the process of reaching our goals as having steps similar to the ones the baby must take in order to learn to walk? There will be some stumbling and falling in the learning process, but success can only be reached when we are prepared to take those steps, all of them, even the ones where we may fall down. The real win is the confidence and experience we acquire which translates into new opportunities for growth, enjoyment and expansion in all areas of our life.

When I was a youngster in school, I participated in track and field. Pole-vaulting was my specialty; it was the one event I seemed to excel at. I clearly remember knocking that bar flying more often than I cleared it. I also remember I was not very enthusiastic when that happened. Knocking the bar off left me with a feeling that because I had failed, I was a failure. I had failed and as I remember, no one advised me of anything different. In retrospect, it would have been an excellent opportunity for one of my teachers to help me understand one of life's greatest lessons. But, it never happened and it would be many years before I learned the truth, the hard way.

While we're still on the topic of children, I'll throw up another caution flag. There's a four letter word that most parents use around their children so frequently, that the children pick it up and before too long it is buried in the treasury of their subconscious mind. That four letter word is CAN'T. This word has done more damage than a lot of other frowned-upon four letter words put together. I know of some forward-thinking parents who have literally banned that word from their children's vocabulary!

Can't is a word that paralyzes any constructive progress. It switches your mind into a negative frequency. It is a four letter word that will open your mind to a never ending flow of logical, practical reasons which will enable you to justify why you are not able to do something you sincerely want to accomplish.

The only alternative to that four-letter word is its polar opposite - I CAN. I can is far more important than IQ. You don't necessarily have to be very smart to win ... but you must be willing. Reaching the goal is not success; success is moving toward the goal. When I was knocking down the cross bar, I was attempting to reach the goal. I was stretching, giving it everything I had. That could hardly be considered failing. Every time I tried to clear the bar, I was risking being ridiculed by the other kids. I risked having them laugh at me when I missed ... and they did laugh.

However, every time I ran down the field and lowered the pole into the box, attempting to vault myself over the bar, I was challenging myself. Taking risks is essential when you want to reach a goal and the purpose of goals is growth. When you challenge yourself, you bring more of yourself to the surface. If you knock the bar flying today, at least you will know you are challenging yourself; you're a success!

If you dream of living your life in a really big way, you must accept risk-taking as a very real part of the apprenticeship you must serve. Make a decision right now to change. Decide this very moment there will be no more playing it safe ... no more "saving it for a rainy day" type thinking in your life. When people get caught up in the habit of saving for a rainy day, that is generally what they get ... a rainy day.

I clearly remember the first time I heard Earl Nightingale. Earl was telling a story about a farmer who was out walking in a field. He looked down and saw a tiny pumpkin growing on a vine. Nearby, he spotted a small glass jar. The farmer reached down and placed the tiny pumpkin inside the small jar. The pumpkin continued to grow until it filled the inside of the jar. Beyond which it could not grow.

There are a number of people like that tiny pumpkin. They limit themselves and refuse to take a risk. They never truly test the strength of their abilities. You will never get to second base if you keep one foot on first. Too many people go through their entire lives playing their cards close to their chest. They never step out and bet on the surest thing in the world ... themselves. If you hope to accumulate great wealth or achieve high goals, history records that the first few steps have a high degree of risk. You must turn your back on safety and security. To make it big, you must take big risks. You will very likely have to put yourself in a highly vulnerable position. It is also worth remembering you cannot almost take a risk.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face." Follow her advice and liberate yourself from the crippling emotional state of fear and enter into a world of freedom.

To your success,
Bob Proctor

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Abraham-Hicks: Feel Good Now, It's Important!


Focusing on the way you want your life to be when things not going your way in the present moment, is not the easiest thing to do. But if you have the determination to focus your attention in every area of your life as you want it to be, rather than as it is, your life will change dramatically.

As you begin to notice the instant, benevolent, cooperative response of the universe responding to your desires, you will in very quickly be one who is willing to let go of everything and anything that is not part of your vibration. You will let bygones be bygones, ex-partners be ex-partners, grudges and mistakes of others and your own, complaints and ill wishes, injustice and bad behavior all become non-issues.

You will purify your vibration from the stuff you don't like and will replace it with the things you do like, appreciate and want. And with far less trouble than you think and in far less time and effort than you think. You will begin to offer a vibration that will net you evidence of your thoughts. That evidence is nothing more than the indication of the improved story you are telling.

Remember, you are Source Energy that has come here to create and you are worthy of every idea that comes to you. The resources of the universe are here to assist you in your creation just as surely as they assist the earth in spinning in its orbit in
perfect proximity to other planets.

There is no greater creator than you and no greater reason to create than the things you desire in your life. Everything you create is for the purpose of the joyous satisfaction that it gives you as the Source within you expands.

It is my desire that you think enough of yourself to want to feel good and do whatever it takes to feel good. Even if that means ignoring those who lie to you, ignoring those things that you disapprove of, and turning your undivided attention to the things you desire.

With every thought you think and with every desire you give birth to the universe expands. And it is only through your joyous quest that all is possible.

The Power Of Your Mental Focus

When we were born we didn't get an owner's manual for our minds. We created reality through our focus of attention and our thoughts.

Your POINT OF FOCUS determines your POINT OF ATTRACTION. Let me put it this way - If there are 100 things surrounding you and 1 of them is good and the other 99 are rotten, if you focus on the 1, the other 99 must leave you.

If you are surrounded by 100 things and 99 of them are good and 1 of them is rotten and you focus on the one that is rotten, in your quest to quell the problem, the other 99 will become rotten too. That is the power of your focus.

So use the power of your focus and the guidance that comes from within and work every day to stand wherever you are and see the world through the eyes of Source Energy. As you do, you will attract people who will resonate with your desires and those who have been annoying you will annoy you less or go away altogether.

You cannot hold in your experience unpleasant things when you are looking for that which is pleasant. You cannot bring to your experience pleasant things when you are fixated on something unpleasant. It is as simple as that. Tune yourself in to what
you want and watch how cooperative the Law of Attraction and this universe will be for you.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


No more effort or energy is required in order to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. The difference between the two lies in your level of awareness.

The information I'm about to share with you is extremely powerful and, in many cases, could set you free from the constraints that keep you from realizing your full potential and release you into the freedom and all of the good you desire. Yet you cannot be free until you know exactly what it is that governs, shapes, and directs your behavior and ultimately, your results. If you're not careful, your thinking and results can be controlled by your paradigms.

Everything I teach is based on the premise that thoughts are things. Your thoughts create your life. And, for many people, paradigms can be the foundation upon which your thoughts are created.

Paradigms are your mindsets. Your ideas, the little habits that your brain has developed over the years. The "operating system" on which your mental processes run. Your paradigms create the prism through which most people view and make sense of the world around them. Information is presented to your mind in one-way or another. Your mind runs through all of the things it already knows about that piece of information and figures out where it fits in with the bigger picture. Then your mind makes a determination whether the information is good or bad, desirable or undesirable, possible or not -- all of which can be influenced by your existing paradigms.

Like most things, paradigms in and of themselves are neutral. If your paradigms are positive, you will have a happy, growth-oriented life, a healthy self-image, and the ability to adapt successfully to changes, upsets, and unforeseen events. Conversely, negative paradigms can keep you stuck in old ways of thinking that can be very limiting. Negative paradigms keep you as imprisoned as does a cell and a set of iron bars. Maybe even more so, since it imprisons you in the place where all true freedom resides: the mind.

It follows, then, that if you want to create change in your life and start getting new and different results--you've got to change your paradigms. How do you go about that?

Step One: Write down one thing - that goal, that dream, that challenge that you have not yet resolved in your life. The subconscious mind thrives on detail so describe it to yourself as vividly as you can.

Step Two: Write down every association that you connect to this thing; everything you think about it, good and bad, everything that the thought of it brings to your mind.

One approach I have found extremely effective is to "map" it in much the same way that writers come up with plot concepts.

Draw a circle around the words or sentence you came up with in Step One. Then, in the space around that circle, write down your associations as they come to you, encircling each one and connecting it with a line to the original encircled goal. When you feel like you've come up with a substantial number of associations, take a good look at what your mind has shown you. You're looking at your paradigms.

Step Three: It's time to address your paradigms and ask "why?" I suggest that you zero in on a few of the most powerful paradigms, the ones that have the biggest negative impact.

Ask yourself, "Why do I think this? Where does it come from? Where did I get such an idea?" Keep on digging until you've exhausted every possible scenario.

And finally, now that you know what your paradigm is on any given topic, create an affirmation that will assist you in re-programming your mind, something that is the
opposite of your paradigm.

For example, if your paradigm is you'll never earn a lot of money, your affirmation might be:

I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me on a continual basis through multiple sources of income. I am a magnet to money; I now have all that I want.

Write your affirmation on a 3X5 card and repeat it daily, as many times as possible. In time, you'll begin to notice yourself thinking and acting in a different way. And, just when you think you've got it, it will be time to work on another paradigm!

To your success,
Bob Proctor

You Create Your Life Through Your Thoughts

Having the courage and patience to put out the vibrations of what you desire to be, as to opposed to where you are in the present, is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. Keep in mind WHERE you are and WHO you are in your life right now is based on your past intentions, thoughts, feeling and actions. But you can change your future by changing your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your current level of results is nothing more than the residual outcome of your past thoughts, feelings and actions. They have nothing to do with what you are capable of or who you are capable of becoming unless you continue to make decisions based on those results. If you do, you will continue to create the same things over and over again in your life.

Here is an interesting way of looking at your life. If you look at your current results, you can see what you have been up to for the past five years or so. What you have been thinking, feeling and acting upon is reflected in your current results. Look at your body, your bank account, your house, your car, your relationships, your job or lack thereof and what vibrations you have been offering, because your results are nothing more than a feedback mechanism - a mirror of what you have been thinking, feeling and acting.

Think about a mirror for a moment. A mirror does not judge, it does not say if something is "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong". It does not edit or delete. A mirror just reflects back whatever is put in front of it. Do you follow this metaphor?

The universal mirror is exciting because when you get what you desire you know you are on your game. When you have less than pleasing results, that's just the universal mirror reflecting back to you where you have the opportunity to adjust your thinking, feeling and actions. Getting upset because you have messed up your life in any area is wasting precious time. The mirror is there to give you a wake-up call. It is saying "Hey, you're broke. Are you ready to do something about it?"

Do I get upset when I experience less than pleasing results? Absolutely. But the difference between now and my past is I am willing to let it go. I use the experience as a wake-up call to find a better way. And I always find a better way, because I am looking for it. You can do the same.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Is It Really This Easy?

There's a powerful tool that I'd like to share with you called the 'Flipswitch'...

Let me explain how it works --

We already agree that it is better to feel good than bad...

But the challenge is when we are feeling badly, how do we change our negative vibration?

That's where the power of the flipswitch comes in.

Any negative vibration brings you more of the same -- on the other hand, anything that makes you feel even a little bit better will cancel out that negative frequency.

Whenever you find yourself feeling bad, ask yourself, "Is feeling bad going to make the situation any better?"

By asking that you become conscious and once you are conscious you have the power to flipswitch to something else that will make you feel better in that moment.

In that moment -- find something -- anything -- that makes you feel good. Remember, reach for the thought that feels best.

Flipswitching from Negative Vibrations to Positive Vibrations will become easier the more you do this.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

How Are You Using Your Mind?

Have you ever wondered how children can sit through replays of their favorite Lion King or Little Mermaid video? It amazes me that they'll watch the same show every day without a single complaint or request for something new.

What's more amazing, though, is that adults do the very same thing with their days. The majority of men and women play "movies" in their heads, day after day, relentlessly focusing on past events, most of which are unpleasant and disturbing experiences. If they're actually able to stop their contemplation of past events, then they allow impressions of their current surroundings and recent results to govern their thoughts. If they contemplate the future it is usually by worrying about it, or wishing that something better might come along. Then they wonder why bad things keep happening to them, or why they never rise above the issues and obstacles in their lives.

While it is true that people are free to think anything they please, as long as they remain set in their ways, there is very little that can be done to change the unpleasant experiences that keep cropping up in their lives.

Recently, the study of the mind, and its veritable unearthly power, is at last taking its proper place in modern civilization. Proper use of the mind and its various faculties will give you anything you choose - but the emphasis here is on the word "proper." To move in this direction requires study and focused, consistent effort with a good measure of creativity stirred in.

Just as the oak tree develops from the gene that lies within the acorn and a bird develops from the gene that lies asleep in the egg, so too will your achievements grow from the organized plans that first begin with your imagination. An image in your mind is the first stage of the creative process in life. From your imagination your visions and plans arise.

In his best selling book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote, "You will never have a definite purpose in life; you will never have self confidence; you will never have initiative and leadership unless you first create these qualities in your imagination and see yourself in possession of them." He went on to say, "... imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known."

There is a concept called "Fantasy - Theory - Fact." The premise underlying this concept is that everything has its origination in the form of Fantasy, which some adventurous souls dare turn into a theory and then boldly turn into fact. Give this serious thought for a moment. The idea of moon landings, communicating by email, traveling on jets, cellular phones or wearing synthetic garments was, a very short time ago, sheer fantasy. Today, they are considered commonplace.

Your marvelous mind has factors that you can, with little effort, develop to use to improve the quality of life, not just for yourself, but for human kind. Imagination is one of those creative faculties. The individuals who were responsible for the conception and creation of the email, cell phones and any of the thousands of modern conveniences we enjoy today had a highly developed imagination.

Furthermore, they were not easily influenced by the opinions of the masses, the naysayers who historically have criticized and ridiculed anything they do not understand. These pioneers used their mental faculties to fantasize, to build wild and wonderful pictures in their mind. Then, holding their thought with their will, they watched their fantasy unfold into a theory and then into fact. They seemed to have an innate awareness that if they could visualize it, they could do it.

Use this power to let your mind play. Fantasize a much better life than you presently enjoy. Draft your future with imagination, ponder and calculate with intelligence and awareness, then knit it with care. Next, devise paths and find tools to help get you there.

Commit to reach new goals. The only barrier separating you from your goal is ignorance - ignorance of how simple, and simply powerful, your mind really is.

To your success,
Bob Proctor

You Create Your Own Reality Through What You Mentally & Emotionally Focus On

I promise you will never get a desire, a true desire for something, you cannot achieve. It is impossible. When you get a true desire it is your Authentic Self saying, "This is what you truly want and this is what you can have."

We live simultaneously on three levels; spiritual, mental and physical. Manifesting your desires is a threefold process. First, create a spiritual blueprint, outlining your desire for the future. Then once you have it outlined, it ALREADY exists on the spiritual plane in another dimension. It is not in the third dimension yet, but that does not matter. It is still real.

Second, specifically describe it by either writing it down or verbally expressing it. When you have done this, you have it on the mental plane. If you did not have it on the mental plane you could not describe it.

Now think about this. You already have it on two of the three planes in which you exist. The minute you can visualize it and specifically describe it, you are two thirds of the way there!! All you are waiting for is just one small part of the equation. Your "work" is essentially 66% completed! Do you get this? All you are waiting for is the physical. Finally, (and this is the hardest part) you MUST think, feel and act in accordance with that spiritual blueprint.

As you have learned, you cannot force the manifestation of your desire through action. We have been conditioned to think if I take this action I will get this effect. But that is not accurate. Your action is nothing more than a confirmation of your "future pull".

This does not mean that action is not important. It is critical. But your actions do not create your results. Your action is confirming to the universe that you have chosen to participate. Do you follow me here?

If you choose to participate in a universe of struggle, your actions will be based on struggle. If you choose to participate in a universe based on FLOW, then your actions will be based on FLOW - and all that will be required is to take the next logical step.

In other words, none of your actions are based on fear, doubt or worry. You just take the next logical step in a relaxed, non-stressful manner and keep doing that until your desire takes physical form. It is as easy as that.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Going Beyond Average

1500 hundred kindergarten children were given a test in divergent thinking.

98% of those children scored at genius level.

Divergent thinking is what allows you to see lots of possible answers to a question.

If you ask your average person how to cook an egg, he'll come up with about ten different ways you can do it. Frying pan, poacher, pot of boiling water, in a cake, etc.

Someone good at divergent thinking will come up with 200 ways to cook that egg.


Because she thinks outside of the kitchen. He'll cook the egg on the back of sunbather at the beach. At the end of a lightning rod. Or how about putting it in a indestructible container and throwing it into the center of the sun?

80% of the answers will be impractical... but it's how you find the perfect answer nobody has thought about yet.

According to this one study (from the book "Breakpoint and Beyond") we're all born with a natural ability for divergent thinking. 1,470 out 1,500 children are brilliant at thinking up endless possibilities.

The same study tested the same kids ten years later.

As you can imagine, most lost their ability for divergent thinking.

"This shows two things," says Sir Ken Robinson (world renowned education and creativity expert). "One is we all have this capacity. And two, it mostly deteriorates."

"Now, a lot of thing has happened to these kids as they've grown up. Al lot. But one of the most important things that has happened to them, I'm convinced, is they've become 'educated.' They spent ten years at school being told there's one answer – it's at the back."

That's what today's "Paper Airplane" video is all about.

And do you know why divergent thinking is so important? Because no two situations are exactly the same.

Whatever troubles, challenges or goals you are facing in life... they are like no one else's. You'll never find the exact answer to your problems in a book.

You need to think for yourself.

And you need to think of not 10 or 20 or even 40 different solutions for your problem.

You need to think of 200.

You need to think way outside the box... Because life doesn't come in a box with a instruction manual.

Nonetheless... what tends to happen is we end up putting our life in a box supplied to us by society. It even comes an instruction "one-size fits all" manual.

Of course, it's never going to get you very far. Living in someone else's box, following their instructions. At best, you'll be average.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dr Robert Anthony: The One Thing You MUST Do To Manifest Your Desires...‏

Through choosing your intention and then locking your attention, you have chosen - and continue to choose to participate in whichever universe you are currently participating in. So the question we must ask is, which one are we choosing, or more
importantly which one will we choose?

Think about this. What scientists and physicists are discovering is that we exist simultaneously in many different forms, dimensions and time. We choose which reality we want to live in based on our intentions and attention.

Now I know your head is about to explode because this seems so unreal, but it is more real than you can imagine or accept right now.

What every theory in quantum physics has in common is that you are the observer and the participant. With your clearly defined INTENTION and your unbending and consistent ATTENTION, you choose which world you're going to participate in.

Science tells us that the things we observe in our outer world are nothing more than a projection from our inner world. Okay, take a breath and let's put it in practical terms.

Imagine you offer a vibration for the future that you want to create $100,000 in the next year. If you are focusing on that, feeling it, acting on it and then reinforcing it with your actions, the money starts to take physical form. Conversely, if you're putting out an intention of $100,000 and you stress out when your credit card bill comes in and you keep telling your friends how broke you are and how bad the economy is, then they cancel each other out.

Anytime you think, feel and act broke, or worry about the economy, you are sending out a vibration that is bound to cancel your intention. This is why so many people struggle with manifesting the things they desire in their lives. In other words, only vibrations that are in resonance with each other can harmonize. This is the
scientific principle behind the Law of Attraction.

Since we create our reality on whichever dimension we choose to participate, it is critical that the BIG THREE - thoughts, feelings and emotions - are in harmony along with our actions. If they are not in sync, your present and future won't harmonize. They will INTERCEPT, and they will cancel each other out.

Now you can see how setting your desire or intention in the present, that is, creating your vibration, equates with how you are choosing to participate in the universe. If the vibration you are offering is out of resonance or harmony with what is coming back from your future, you won't be able to create it.

This is why making a decision based on where you are going, not where you are is so critical. The key is to accept where you are without resistance. You accept "what is" without fighting it, but you keep your intention on your desire. This is the secret to manifestation. I suggest you reread this paragraph again.

If you remain at this high level of vibration then you MUST realize that you don't have to create your desire. It is ALREADY created! You just have to align with it. What you desire is in the quantum field of possibilities (alternate universe if you will). So get in harmony with it, start taking action based upon it and that is
what will unfold.

Dr Robert Anthony

The Triangle of Inner Happiness. The Triangle of Outer Distraction

24 hours in the day. Doesn't seem like much does it?

Doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep. So we're down to 16 hours a day.

Most mortals spend at least 3 hours a day buying, preparing and eating food. 13 hours left.

And if you work 9-5... that leaves 5 hours.

Five hours isn't bad. Sadly, there are probably many people in the world who'd cut off a finger for ONE hour a day of free time. They'd give their whole hand for five hours.

In five hours, you can easily improve the three corners of the Triangle of Inner Happiness...

1. Develop your body

2. Optimize your mind

3. Progress spiritually

...and still have two hours left over for sanding the corners on Triangle of Outer Distraction...

• TV shows and novels

• Facebook and Twitter

• Conversation and socializing

Thing is... most people spend all five hours being distracted.

Life is way too short for too many distractions...

Am I saying you should cancel your internet connection? Should grab some pork and beans move out to cabin in Northern Alaska?

No. Nothing wrong with technology. Nothing wrong with people.

It's really a matter of what are you doing with people.

Are you working with others to improve yourself and the world around you?

Or are you just “hanging out” or “playing cards'?

Are you using Facebook and email to communicate with like-minded people who can really help grow?

Or are you clicking your way to the grave?

Thing is... the world is designed to keep us as busy as possible just surviving. With what time is left over society quickly fills with distractions.

It's not easy to liberate oneself. Not with will power alone.

You need a good environment. Good company is key to making the most of the time you got.

Sometimes you can't change your current circumstances. Many of us dream of moving to some commune with windmills and meditations. But for many it's not possible. You may be stuck with a family hooked on TV and McDonald's.

But there's nothing stopping you from bringing positive company into your home.

How? Reading.

Reading with deep concentration can provide a powerful buffer against the negative influences around us. Be armed with good reading material at all times. You can easily fill idle moments with life-changing guidance.

And having strategies in place to deal with the world's endlessly clever series of distractions is also crucial. I believe you need to consciously optimize your life if you want to achieve your most important goals.

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

Monday, 5 September 2011

ABRAHAM-HICKS: Only Tell The Story Of What You Want, Not What Is!

Only ever think about and tell the story of what you want and see your life improve around you.

BBC NEWS: Why Pessimism Is Good For Business

What role does negative thinking have to play in the corporate world? A crucial one, says Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times.

In business, optimism is good and pessimism bad. Optimists have a monopoly on success, on happiness and even on longevity.

Pessimists, with their long faces and dark thoughts are pariahs, thought fit for nothing in the gung-ho corporate world except possibly careers in journalism (where bad news is good news).

But now pessimism may be coming back to the mainstream. The turn came recently when management guru Tom Peters tweeted enthusiastically about a book that extols negative thinking.

This is an extraordinary turnaround for a man whose logo is a colourful exclamation mark and who for decades has been relentlessly, exhaustingly upbeat.

Unlike Mr Peters, I was born pessimistic. I expect a sudden downpour to spoil every summer party; I am confident that every initiative will end in failure; at least half the dresses in my wardrobe are grey.

Prepared for the worst

So I've dashed to look up the book Mr Peters recommends, which turns out to have a brainlessly upbeat title, The Positive Power of Negative Thinking: Use Defensive Pessimism to Harness Anxiety & Perform at Your Peak.

Still, Rome wasn't destroyed in a day, and perhaps this book has softened up the market for negativity sufficiently to prepare it for the book I'd like to write myself (if Mr Peters doesn't get there first).

I might call it, Pear-shaped: Why Things Always Go Wrong at Work, and How Not to Cope When They Do.

The trouble with optimists is that they don't do well in a pear-shaped world.

In prisoner of war camps in Vietnam, the people who died first were the positive thinkers - they fully expected to be back home by Christmas and fell to pieces when they weren't.

Admittedly, the world of business isn't exactly like a prisoner of war camp, in that you can nip out for a latte and you can sleep in your own comfy bed at night.

But it can be grim and relentless and one bad thing can happen after another and being always prepared for the worst seems to me the only wise course of action.

Woody Allen put it best: "Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem."

Prisoners of positivity

Despite the pessimism revival it is stupid to argue about which view of the world is best, when both views are clearly needed all of the time.

Every organisation and every partnership should be carefully balanced to include both optimists and pessimists.

A marriage also needs both - my own experience has taught me that it's good to have an optimist to come up with endless wild schemes for picnics and outings and a pessimist to swash the maddest ones and temper the rest with paracetamol and umbrellas.

Businesses need both even more to have just the right mix of daring and caution.

Diversity of optimists and pessimists is the most important sort of diversity there is and should be actively sought at board level and every level below.

Corporate pessimists should be de-stigmatised and beckoned out of the closet. Above all, they should stop having to pretend to see the glass half full just to suit the fashion.

They should be proud to declare that for them, it has been half empty all along.