Monday, 30 January 2012

Dr Robert Anthony: Research Shows This About Happiness...‏

Researchers have found that there is not just a correlation between low self-esteem and materialism, but also a causal relationship where low self-esteem INCREASES materialism and materialism can CREATE low self-esteem. They also found that as an individual's self-esteem increases, their interest in materialism decreases. In a study primarily focused on how this relationship effects children and adolescents, Lan Nguyen Chaplin (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Deborah Roedder John (University of Minnesota) found that even a simple gesture to raise self-esteem
dramatically decreased materialism.

"By the time children reach early adolescence and experience a decline in self-esteem, the stage is set for the use of material possessions as a coping strategy for feelings of low self-worth". The paradox that findings such as these bring up, is that consumerism is good for the economy in the short run, but bad for the individual in the long run, especially for young people.

Most of us want more income so we can consume more stuff. However, several separate studies show that as societies become richer, they do not become happier. Statistically people have more material possessions and money than they did fifty years ago, but they are actually less happy. In fact, the wealthiest countries have more depression, alcoholism and more crime than they did fifty years ago and yet we have more material goods to purchase than ever before. This paradox is true of Britain, the United States, Australia, continental Europe and Japan.

The real reason people want whatever is currently "hot" or "in style" is because they believe it will contribute towards their satisfaction and happiness in life. The word "believe" is the key here. People believe that buying more and more things, especially name brand clothes and cars, will make them happy, when in fact research has shown time and time again that this simply isn't the case.

The point here is if you believe that when you get enough "stuff" you will be happy, you are setting yourself up to be very disappointed. So instead why not be happy NOW? That's right! Cut out the middleman (all that stuff you think will make you happy when you get it) and just be happy NOW. A radical idea, wouldn't you say?

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dr Robert Anthony: The Untold Reason You Don't Have What You Want...‏

What do all of the following statements have in common?

* Ever notice as soon as you get in the Express Line at the grocery store the line slows down?

* When I was growing up my mother was very distant and since then I have had a hard time relating to women.

* Just when I was getting ahead my ex-wife's lawyer came after me for the unpaid child support.

* I'd like to have more money, but I have so many financial problems I will never get out of debt.

* I enjoy personal growth, but my husband thinks all that stuff is nonsense and doesn't like me to participate in it.

* I'd like to open a business of my own, but my wife thinks it is too risky, so I guess I had better stay at this secure and boring job I dislike going to every day.

What all these statements have in common is the nature of the person making the statement. As diverse as all of these statements are and as diverse as the people who make them appear to be, each statement reflects the same type of individual - a person with low self-worth and a predisposition toward negative expectations.

The biggest common denominator all these people share is that they are desperately holding onto being a victim. They live at the Victim Level of Awareness. They almost celebrate the fact that they are victimized. Their "stories" are always about their past and the latest problems and tragedies that have befallen them. Of course they are not really victims, but volunteers. They have made a choice - usually unconscious- to remain a victim.

You can't be a victim and be a success in life. You can be one or the other, but not both at the same time. If you want to feel like a victim and that's what you affirm to the people around you, you will continue to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will repel love, defer happiness, attract illness or injuries and sabotage any financial or business success. The problem is you tell your story so well to everyone around you that you end up following your own script.

The good news is REMAINING a victim is a choice. If the above describes you then ask yourself this question. "Is remaining a victim moving me TOWARDS or AWAY from what I want?" If it is moving you away, then you are paying a very high price to hold onto your victimhood. Now is the time to release it and move up to a higher
Level of Awareness.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Abraham-Hicks: Always Try To Feel The Best You Possibly Can

Dr Robert Anthony: Attract Money Into Your Life

For most people, their life is controlled by their thoughts about money. But if we are in Alignment and in the Flow, how could money be a problem?

Many of us are motivated by the desire for success. What is success? Success is a concept - an illusion. Without a "story" we are always successful wherever we are.

I have never seen a money problem that did not turn out to be a thinking problem. I used to believe I needed money to be happy - even when I had a lot. I was often stressed out that something terrible would happen and I would lose all my money. I realize now that no amount of money is worth that kind of stress.

If you live with the un-investigated thought that you need to pile up money to be safe and secure, you are living in a hopeless state of mind. Banks fail, stock markets crash, currencies deflate, people lie, break contracts and break their promises.

If you live in this confused state of mind that you need to pile up money to be safe and secure you can earn millions of dollars and still be insecure and unhappy.

Some people believe that fear of not having enough is what motivates them to make money. But is that really true? Can you be absolutely certain that without fear as a motivator you wouldn't make the same amount of money or even more?

Who would you be and what would happen if you never believed that "story" again?

Once I understood and applied the principle of Alignment and Flow, I began to notice I always have the perfect amount of money for me right now.

A clear mind is in the Flow. It knows how to live, how to work, what emails to send, what phone calls to make and what to do to create what it wants without fear.

When you understand this you begin to realize you have all the security you wanted money to give you in the first place. And you will also notice it is a lot easier to make money from this position.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dr Robert Anthony: The Easiest Way To Open The Flow Of Riches...

Unfortunately we are surrounded by a lot of negative energy. Yet, if we can raise our energy, we will start to feel ourselves pulling out of the negative energy surrounding us. The energy in our environment is often pulling us down so we have to protect ourselves by aligning ourselves with people and situations that do not deplete our energy.

How can we build up our energy? By only focusing on things that make us feel good. I have also found associating with like-minded people raises my energy faster than anything else because I am surrounded by the groups combined energy. The problem is, when I leave that uplifting energetic environment and go back to my normal daily routine, that higher energy level is often dissipated.

I soon realized that I had to learn to condition my energy to maintain or vibrate at a consistently high level. Once I learned how to maintain my energy, I could also use that energy to uplift other people. The easiest way to do this is to make the decision that you will feel "good". That's all it takes. If you feel "bad" in any moment, reach for a thought that makes you feel just a little bit better and see what happens.

One of the fastest ways to open the flow of riches into your life is to help other people raise their energy. In fact, it has become a major part of my purpose to raise the energy of every person I meet. This is not easy to do, but the rewards are far beyond the effort it takes to do this on a daily basis.

I practice it every day. Even when I meet a total stranger, I make the effort to uplift their energy, even if it is as simple as giving them a smile or being warm and friendly.

Since energy is transferable without having to say a word, you can raise the energy level of the people around you just by sending them your thoughts. Try this experiment. As you come into contact with other people, especially the ones that seem unhappy or stressed, take a moment and project a good feeling toward them. Say something like. "I wish the best for you." Or better yet, say "I love you". Now I know this is not easy, but the rewards will be well worth your time and effort if you do it consistently, moment by moment and day by day. It has an accumulative affect that will simply amaze you.

If you are like most people you will read this and say, "I cannot see how this is going to help my money situation. Just show me how to do that!" That's EXACTLY what I am showing you right now.

The money you desire will flow into your life in direct proportion to the energy level or consciousness you are willing to maintain.

Now you have two choices. You can read this and forget about it, agreeing that it is a good idea but do nothing about it, OR you can DO something about it. Just try it for a week and see what a difference it makes in your life.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Your Reality

Lack of control is an illusion. If you are the creator, all things are under your control. Some people say that control is an illusion but the opposite is the real truth. How can you not be in control when all things are under your control? Realize the aspect of yourself that is divine, your Godhood. God is in control of all things, and God is the Self of all, which is your Higher Self. You are the Higher Self. You create all of your reality. There is no aspect of your reality which you do not create. Therefore you control all.

You are not a victim. All power is within and is absolutely under your control. To say that things happen through another cause other than yourself is to say that you are a victim. Nothing happens outside of you. Everything is happening within you. You are Consciousness, and Consciousness encompasses All That Is. Whenever you feel not being in control, you are experiencing an illusion. You created the illusion of not being in control, of not being God. You are the director of the script and can control at will.

Intention controls results. Everything is created by your intention. Even when what you desire comes at a time or in a way that seems beyond your control, it is still your intent that brought it into manifesting. That is no God outside of you that makes things happen. Everything is within you and within God. Nothing happens to you outside of you. When you realize this truth, you know that you are the creator of everything that happens in your life. The idea that something else makes things happen is not truth.

When undesirable things happen, you are simply being moved mentally or physically towards somewhere else that is closer to what you want. It is you moving yourself. Those undesirable things are not created by something external of you to affect you. They are part of your intent. Your intent arranges and rearranges the universe to move you to closer to where you want to be. The rearrangement of the universe may seem to be something that is happening on its own but it is you who control it with intention.

Mind Power creates and controls reality. Think of Desire-Force as the warm, ardent, fiery, forceful energy, underlying the manifestations of Mind-Power; and of the Will-Power as the cold, keen, strong, directing, controlling projector of the energy. By fixing these mental images in your mind, you will be better able to
manifest the two phases as occasion arises. To create a thing you must want it with a burning desire that allows no denial, backed up by a will that knows no such word as "can't" or "no."

To live as a powerful creator, you have to banish the illusion once and for all that you are not in control. Because you will always arrive back at the core truth that you are the creator of your reality and that you create all of it. Not being in control makes you feel like a victim. When you focus on what you can do to create
what you want, you take back the power. Your intent brings you the knowledge, the awareness and the energy to create what you want. Everything that happens can be traced back to intent.

Written by Enoch Tan - Creator of Mind Reality

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dr Robert Anthony: Is More Money Really The Solution?‏

One of the fastest ways to increase the Flow into your life is to raise your energy to have more life force and more power. But how do you go about raising your energy?

In the graph below 0% represents no energy and 100% represents maximum energy.


If someone is at 0% energy, then they are dead. Unfortunately, many people are living just above 0% energy.

At the other end of the graph, 100% represents the highest positive energy available. As you move up the scale, you will have more of the good things in life because you are vibrating and evolving at a higher level.

The higher up you move on the scale, the more easily you will be able to use the Law of Attraction. All you have to do is think a thought, attach emotion to that thought and then it manifests rapidly because your life force is flowing freely and is not blocked.

Your energy level not only attracts money into your life, it attracts everything else, including other people. If you have a very dense or low level of energy, you are going to manifest that same energy you are projecting. In other words, you will attract people and relationships into your life that have the same low level, dense
energy. This is explained in the Levels of Awareness that you are studying.

What most people really want in their life is energy without even being aware of it. People think they want money, but from what you are learning, you realize that money is just another form of energy.

Stop right here and think about this because it is a key point to opening the flow of money into your life. When you fully understand this you will see the whole world differently. We can sum it up this way - if you raise your energy level, you will raise your income. It is that simple.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

"You are joy, looking for a way to express. It's not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy—frolicking and eager—that's who you are."


Dr Robert Anthony: Do You Have A Mind Virus?‏

I understand what I am about to say may sound crazy to you, but allow me to suggest the possibility that you have been totally brainwashed and you have unknowingly become your own worst enemy.

In fact, this is exactly what is happening to millions of people. And most likely, you are one of them.

What I am talking about is the SUBLIMINAL and SUBCONSCIOUS programming you are getting - programming that is imprinted on your subconscious without your knowledge.

I am not saying there is an organized conspiracy to program your mind. The people that are spreading these negative messages don't even know they are doing it!

The problem is as you are exposed to these mind viruses, you are likely to be infected. Just as exposure to raw sewage can cause you to be infected with germs, microbes and other nasty things, prolonged exposure to the media will infect your mind with many nasty viruses. Society spends billions of dollars to protect us from biological and computer viruses. Yet a mind virus can be the most dangerous of all.

One of the best things you can do to prevent mind viruses is stop following the news. Don't watch TV, don't listen to "talk" radio, don't read newspapers or magazines that have the news in them.


Because they all make their money by selling fear, lack, scarcity and limitation. Bad news is what sells.

Open the average newspaper and you will see that 90% or more of what you read is negative news. The percentage is about the same for radio and TV. Do you really believe it is important to find out how many houses burnt down, how many people were robbed or killed in your city, state or another country? Do you really need to be reminded of the economic situation every day? Being exposed to all this negativity creates a negative view of the world and negative thought patterns in your mind.

When I tell people to skip the news, they invariably ask, "How will I know if there is a major world tragedy or natural disaster heading my way or terrorists striking near me?" Trust me. You will know about all the big stuff you need to know. Let's face it, the vast majority of your friends and neighbours follow the news so they can do the watching and reading for you. You still won't be able to escape it completely because most restaurants and shops now have the TV news on all day long. So if something major happens, you will know about it.

I haven't watched the news for the past ten years. I don't read the newspaper either because I don't want or need to know about all the bad stuff. My life is about creating good stuff. Eliminate the news media from your life for the next 30 days and see what I mean.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Monday, 2 January 2012

Abraham-Hicks: If You Have Trouble Sleeping

Dr Robert Anthony: You HAVE TO Go With The Flow Of Life

We often talk about "going with the flow". Why? Because that is what you were created to do! Think about this...everything that has been created has a natural flow and when it operates in that flow there is no struggle.

Water does not struggle to flow.
Grass does not struggle to grow.
Wind does not struggle to blow.
Rain does not struggle to fall.
Sun does not struggle to shine.
Earth does not struggle to rotate.
Flowers do not struggle to bloom.

What does this tell us? Struggle is unnatural. Why sentence ourselves to a life of struggle when it is clearly unnatural?

In short, struggle is a "learned response" that has been taught to us by those who are in a trance of struggle. This "learned response" has become an UNCONSCIOUS HABITUAL PATTERN.

Awareness is the first step to making any change in our lives. If you are aware that struggle is not "normal" and that it is a learned UNCONSCIOUS HABITUAL PATTERN, you can CONSCIOUSLY make the choice not to live your life paddling upstream.

Focus your attention on this; NOTHING YOU WANT IS UPSTREAM!

Everything you want is DOWNSTREAM. This means you do not have to struggle (paddle up stream) to have it. All you need to do is put your boat in the stream and let it carry you. In fact, you don't need to paddle at all. Even if your boat is pointed in the wrong direction (upstream), as soon as you stop paddling the stream will turn your boat around without any effort on your part. Then you will be going in the direction where everything you desire takes place.

It is a simple but powerful metaphor. Give up the struggle once and for all. Let go of the paddles, trust that Source Energy will guide you downstream to your desire and start enjoying the trip.

It's a heck of a lot easier!

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

935 Westbourne Dr., West Hollywood, CA 90069

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dr Robert Anthony: How Do You Measure Your Success?

Are you ready for a great New Year?

To help you get off to a running start I would like you to consider changing your perception of WHAT SUCCESS MEANS TO YOU!

As I mature and have a better understanding of how things work, I have come to understand that HOW WE MEASURE SUCCESS will determine our happiness, or lack of it.

We tend MEASURE SUCCESS in relation to achieving our goals. In other words, we set a goal and if we achieve it, we are happy and satisfied. If we don't, we feel like a failure. This creates anxiety, fear and sometimes even depression.

You will never be happy or satisfied if you keep focusing on what you DON'T HAVE, or what you have NOT ACHIEVED.

Instead, consider this; The way to MEASURE SUCCESS, and still be happy and satisfied, is to look at WHERE YOU HAVE COME FROM.

In other words, LOOK BACK and notice how you have IMPROVED in any area of your life - even if it is a VERY SMALL improvement.

If you LOOK BACK and celebrate your INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS, the next steps become so much easier, because you are happy and satisfied right now.

So, if you did not achieve everything you wanted in 2011, when you finish reading this take a look at the INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS you have made and give yourself a pat on the back. Make a short list and then give yourself some credit instead of focusing on what went wrong or did not happen. Seriously. I mean it. MAKE THAT LIST. I'm watching you!

Start the New Year with the feeling that you have already started to make some incremental improvements in 2011, and you are ready for more. NEVER, I repeat NEVER, judge yourself. Other people will be happy to do that for you. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished - no matter how small those accomplishments may seem.

This will get you off to great start in 2012 because you will START OFF with a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT instead of a sense of failure - which is never useful. If you build on your incremental accomplishments you can do EVEN BETTER in 2012.

Before I sign off I want to point out the quote below my name. It says...

"Any dream that can pass through one's screen of logic into the Subconscious and is earnestly desired, can be obtained".
- Dr. Robert Anthony

This is so true, and I want to keep pointing it out.

Once you give up all the "logical reasons" why something cannot work for you and allow your new dream or goal to enter your Subconscious, it's an idea whose time has come. If you truly desire it and your Subconscious agrees to it - it's yours!

Cheers for a great New Year,

Dr. Robert Anthony

"Any dream that can pass through one's screen of logic into the subconscious and is earnestly desired, can be obtained". - Dr. Robert Anthony

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