Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dr. Robert Anthony: Pessimists have 1 thing in common...‏

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Psychologist Martin Seligman, the godfather of the positive psychology moment, conducted extensive research in optimists versus pessimists. What he found was optimism can be learned. He discovered that optimists consistently talk about what they are rather than what they are not, or what they have instead of what they don't have. Pessimists have one thing in common, they talk about why things are not the way they should be and what they don't have.

We are not born pessimists. In fact, all children are optimists until we program them differently. Stand outside any amusement park on any given weekend and talk to the families that exit. Kids come out and you ask them, "What did you think of the park?" The gush, "Oh that was so cool!" Now talk to the parents and here is what they say, "Lines are too long".  "Food was overpriced". "The damn noise and crowds get on my nerves". So is the amusement park a happy place or a place from hell? The answer is - it is neither. It 
depends on the meaning we give to it.

How did we go from being born optimists to being pessimists? Somewhere along the way we were trained not to be optimistic in case things don't work out.  If you are too optimistic and things don't work out you will be very disappointed.  But if you are pessimistic and they don't work out you will be less disappointed and of course, you will be "right".  

Seligman also states that we can learn or relearn how to be optimistic. According to his research optimists outperform pessimists ten to one! Maybe it is 
time to reprogram our thinking and ask, "What is good about this situation?" and if we cannot find the good, ask, "What does my reaction to this say about me?" This can help you to become more of an optimist.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

Abraham-Hicks: The 5 Step Process Of Creation

Abraham-Hicks: Their Most Important Message

"This is my time of chilling.
This is my time of re-aligning the energy of my source.
This is the time, when source takes over my apparatus.
This is the time when source is communicating with my cells.
This is the time, when source is resonating with the cells of my body.
This is the time of complete relaxation, for me.
This is the time of complete renewal for me.
This is the time, when my body renews itself.
This is the time when my vibration restores itself.
This is the time, that I push the reset-button.
This is the time, when I let all that has been, just subside.
This is the time, where I begin in a new vibration, that will really serve me.
This is the time, where I allow the momentum of my Vortex to begin moving into my life-experience.
This is the turning point for me, but not a turning-point that requires action!
In fact, it´s the opposite.
It requires de-activation.
It requires re-laxing, it requires softening my vibration.
It requires letting myself be.
It requires trusting that all is well!
It requires letting the source within me revel in that, which is me."
"You can meditate yourself into riches.
You can meditate yourself into fame and fortune.
You can meditate yourself into ANYTHING, by slowing the resistance and just finding the place.
Don´t worry, you can´t stay there!
Your Vortex is so full of all you want, and the source within you knows the path between where you are, in terms of ALL your manifestations, and where you want to be.
So IF YOU created the right environment, the path will reveal itself to you." 
Abraham Hicks

Abraham-Hicks: The Process Of Creation. How To Bring What You Want Into Your Life